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Accessoires de navigation 

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  • Computer IWA 11092
    152,00 € In Stock
    Accurate, reliable and easy to use, this computer allows you to do all the calculations and conversions that are necessary for the preparation and conduct of a flight.
  • Small model ruler (CRAS) -...
    18,50 € In Stock
    The famous navigation ruler, designed by Admiral Jean CRAS in 1917.
  • FFA logbook
    11,90 € In Stock
    The indispensable support for any pilot or student aircraft.
  • Jeppesen logbook - European...
    34,50 € In Stock
    Record up to ten years of data in this J.A.R.-F.C.L. compliant Jeppesen logbook, which will fit easily into any flight bag.
    80,00 € In Stock
    Intended for trainees who want to prepare for the ATPL and CPL exams.
  • EASA logbook
    16,50 € In Stock
    This new logbook is in accordance with the European regulation (EU 1178/2011 EASA).It is mandatory for all pilots flying in European airspace and highly recommended for flights in metropolitan FRANCE.
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items